Vladmir Putin is almost a world leader now after attacking ISIS

The world says that the Americans in association with the Pakistanis created the Mujaheddin against the Russians.
Mujahedin fighting Russians

This step to stop Russia from invading a strategically location resulted in a very long term and possible never ending affair.The mujaheddin threw the Russians away from Afghanistan by implementing Guerrilla Warfare and utilizing the RPG and Kalashnikov received from the west.

Once the Russians moved away from Afghanistan these mujaheedeens started creating tribal conflicts in the AF- PAK (Afghan Pakistan Region) and later on created a Global Terrorist Organisation by the name of Alqaeda.

Creation of Alqaeda by CIA 

After Many years of boots on the Ground and Air Offence The Americans left the country devastated which they initially wanted to protect from Russia.

By this time Alqaeda created a global footprint In Asia,Africa,Europe and the Americas.

In the mean time there was another war developing between USA and Iraq. Americans claimed that the Iraqis /Saddam Hussein has got WMD including Long Range Missiles,nuclear Warheads, Chemical and biological weapons.Then again we saw boots on the ground and air offence and a massive on the ground search and huntdown for Saddam Hussain. He was later captured hiding in an underground claustrophobic chamber located in ad-Dawr near Tikrit.

Iraq War Raw footage

After the hanging of Saddam the Americans moved its major forces from Iraq and left the nation which has 50-50 population of Shia and Sunnis with a puppet government . 

 Iraq Shia Sunni War

This raised a 1400 years old war once again a traditional fight between shia and sunni. In the mean time  Libiya started burning and gaddafi was thrown.

This was the most critical time and the turning point . After Gaddafi was killed the western forces moved out and left all there weapens. These weapens were smuggled to the sunni dominant territory of Iraq. 

There ISIS was born and now it is a big problem.. But someone has to solve it .

The Amricans tried and are still trying but it appears ISIS is hardly feeling any american heat.

Then came in a a Russian Named Vladmir Putin. he knows how to handle the Terrorists the Russian Hitman Way. He has used Bombs,rockets and even cruise Missiles. 

Watch Vladimir Putin in UNSC - video

In just few months of Russian attack on Syria ISIS has started to feel the heat and it appears that soon they will have to search for something else to do in life apart from killing innocent people.

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