Why you should support Narendra Modi

An Indian leader who is being recognised as a world leader for the first time in History.The world has started seeing India to be over Qualified to stay in the NAM(Non Aligned Movement) and has started accepting India's right to be the part of UNSC(United Nations Security council)

Global Media Praising Modi
As per Tokyo-based GMO Research Shri Narendra Modi is the second in the list of top performing leaders of world the first position is held by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Rupert Murdoch Chairman and CEO of News Corporation and 21st Century Fox with a net worth of US$12.7 billion (846009865000.00 Indian Rupee Approx.) calls Modi ‘best Indian leader since independence’

Barack Hussain Obama calls him "India's reformer-in-chief"

Barack Obama Praises India
Yoga Diplomacy with Vladimir Putin

Vladamir Putin "reputable political leader"

Tony Abbott said with Modis Vision "the emerging democratic superpower in Asia"
Modi Ji and Tony Abbott in the Australian Parliament

David Cameron "man with a clear vision"

David Cameron Praises Modi Ji

Shinzo Abe considers him more like a Friend.

Despite of all these global recognitions and respect , we in India behave so badly and leave this hardworking individual all alone when we call him "Names" This is not right. Few days ago (right before Bihar elections where we have a the government jointly won By Laloo Yadav and Nitish Kumar) some writers who hardly ever appeared in the mainstream media started returning there awards claiming India is Intolerant.

AAP Leader Kumar Vishwas praises Shri Narendra Modi

Imran Khan tehreekey Insaf Pakistan Calls Modi Ji an Honest Man

The Question is "What is the benchmark of Judging Intolerance?"

Looking at the comparison of communal violence in the past 5 years it appears that India is living in maximum harmony now.The Number of Violence and the number of people loosing there lives have gone down.Also it should be noted that most of the Violence is happening in Non BJP ruled states.

The world is moving to the third world war and we all know it has been manufactured by global security agencies so that no other nation gives competition to the failing economy of America. We must stay together as a team and support our Captain.

It has hardly been 1 year of Modi Govt we tolerated the Non BJP govt for more than 55 Years why the opposition and  there supporters are showing so much intolerance ?

I hope the people of nation will understand the hard work and vision of Shri Narendra Modi and make him even stronger.

Jai Hind

What world thinks about Modi

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